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NGC 6823

Open Cluster and Associated Emission Nebula in Vulpecula
RA 19h 43m 10s  Dec +23° 18' 14"

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Open star cluster NGC 6823 and the surrounding HII region SH2-86 in Vulpecula. The image comprises 40 x 5 minute exposures captured by Mike Lancaster on two nights on the 4th and 20th September 2023 using an Altair Hypercam 26C at 300 gain (plus darks, flats and flat darks), through an Orion Optics UK AG12 Astrograph mounted on an EQ8 mount. A 0.95x Wynne Corrector and Astronomik CLS-CCD filter were also employed. This setup was guided using PHD2 and an SXV Lodestar camera attached to a piggybacked ST-80 refractor. Images were acquired using SharpCap, and the processing was entirely performed in PixInsight. The reflection nebula NGC 6820 is also visible as a small fan shaped area of nebulosity in the middle of the upper left quadrant of the frame.  Image Credit: Mike Lancaster.