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NGC 2264
The Christmas Tree Cluster, Cone Nebula & Fox Fur Nebula

Open Cluster and Associated Nebulosity in Monoceros
RA 6h 41m  Dec +9° 53'

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This image of The Cone, Christmas Tree and Fox Fur nebulae was taken by Chris Callaway on the 17th and 18th January 2024. It comprises 100 x 90 second subs of one shot colour. It was taken using a Takahashi 106 telescope and Altair 26C camera on a Paramount MyT mount. Chris added 5 x 600 second subs of Ha which he took a year previously with his Atik 16200 camera.  Image Credit: Chris Callaway.

This image of The Christmas Tree Cluster (NGC 2264) was captured by Mike Lancaster on the 21st January 2023. It also includes the Cone Nebula at left and the Fox Fur Nebula below the star S Monocerotis at right. The image comprises 20 x 5 minute exposures taken with a Mallincam Universe OSC camera and Astronomik CLS-CCD filter through an Orion Optics UK AG12 astrograph on an EQ8 mount. Guided using PHD2 through a piggybacked ST-80. Processed in Deep Sky Stacker and Nebulosity.  Image Credit: Mike Lancaster.