Derby and District Astronomical Society

The Sun in 2024


The following images of the Sun, captured by Chris Callaway on the 21st June 2024, show the difference between a white light solar filter attached to a Meade LX200 8" telescope on the left and a dedicated Coronado 90 solar telescope in H-alpha on the right. Both data sets were captured using a ZWO 178 MC camera. The best 150 out of 600 frames were used to produce the white light image, and the best 300 out of 1200 frames were used for the H-alpha image.  Image Credit: Chris Callaway.

Jim Sarsgard captured this image of the Sun on the 21st June 2024 using a Skywatcher 102mm F/12 Maksutov with a Baader Astrozap solar filer, mounted on a Skywatcher AZ-GTi mount, and a Canon 1000D camera at 1/320s and ISO100.  Image Credit: Jim Sarsgard.

The following video of solar activity was constructed by Chris Callaway from two hours of data taken on the 19th May 2024 using a single stacked Coronado SolarMax II 90 and a ZWO178 colour camera.

These images were captured by Chris Callaway on 20 April 2024 using a Coronado 90 and ZWO178C camera on a Celestron AVX mount. Both images are the best 300 frames from 600 frame videos.  Image Credit: Chris Callaway.