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The Sun in 2015

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DDAS member Pete Hill took the following four images of the Sun on the 26th August 2015. They include the large sunspot 2403 and were taken using a Coronado PST piggybacked on a Sky watcher Evostar 120 mm on an HEQ5 pro mount, with a DMK41 mono CCD camera at 15 fps. Exposure was about 1/3000 s for the disk and 1/300 s for the prominences. The images are composites of disk and prominence images. 600 frames of.avi videos were stacked in AutoStakkert, with wavelets tweaked in Registax 6, and the images combined and colourised in Photoshop CS6. The first (top) image shows the full disk, prominences, sunspot 2403 near the top, granulation on the disk, filaments, and plages around the sunspot. The second image shows a prominence and sunspot 2403 and was taken using a x2 Barlow. The third image shows another prominence at the bottom of the disk and also used a x2 Barlow. The fourth (bottom) image is a close-up of sunspot 2403 taken with a with x3 Barlow, and the banding on the image is due to interference patterns produced by reflection from the Barlow lens and blocking filter.  Images Copyright: Pete Hill.

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