Derby and District Astronomical Society

Messier 56 (NGC 6779)

Globular Cluster in Lyra
RA 19h 16m 06s  Dec +30° 11' 00"

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Mike Lancaster captured this image of M56 on the 11th August 2023. The image comprises 100 x 6s exposures taken using an Altair Hypercam 26C at 300 gain (plus darks, flats and flat darks), through an Orion Optics UK AG12 Astrograph mounted on an EQ8 mount. A 0.95x Wynne Corrector and Optolong L-Pro filter were also employed. No guiding was used on account of the short exposures. Images were acquired using SharpCap, and the processing was entirely performed in PixInsight.   Image Credit: Mike Lancaster.

This image of M56 was captured by Mike Lancaster on the 22nd July 2021. It is comprised of a stack 4x3 minute exposures taken with a Mallincam Universe camera attached to a 10-inch Meade ACF SCT on an EQ-8 mount. A 0.5x Mallincam focal reducer was also used. The camera was set to a gain of 16dB, a gamma of -20, a contrast of 0, noise reduction on, and full resolution. No guiding, flats or dark frames were used. Stacking and processing was done in Nebulosity 3.3 and Photoshop Elements 2020.   Image Credit: Mike Lancaster.

Adrian Brown took the following image of the globular cluster M56 in Lyra on 28th May 2005. The image was taken with a C11 SCT at F6.3 and an ATK-2HS camera. K3CCDTools was used to capture and stack the 8 individual frames that were taken, each of 45 seconds exposure. Image Credit: Adrian Brown.