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Messier 106 (NGC 4258)

Spiral Galaxy in Canes Venatici
RA 12h 19m 48s  Dec +47° 18' 00"

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This widefield view of M106 was taken by Chris Callaway from Coalville in spring 2020. Chris used his Paramount MYT mount, Takahasi 106 telescope and an Atik 16200 camera in RGB, using 6 x 5min subs in each channel. The image was processed using Pixinsight and Photoshop. It also includes NGC 4217, NGC 4220, NGC 4228, NGC 4346 and HD 107610.  Image Credit: Chris Callaway.

Adrian Brown took the following image of M106 (NGC 4258) in April 2007. He used a clear infra-red blocking filter and a light pollution filter with an ATIK ATK16HR camera through a Skywatcher 80ED Pro refractor at f7.5. This was guided using an ATIK ATK-2HS camera through a Skywatcher 80T refractor. The set up was mounted on a Celestron CGE mount. The image is comprised of 41 x 5 minute exposures.  Image Credit: Adrian Brown.