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Comet C2014 E2 Jacques

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Comet C2014 E2 Jacques was best visible in the northern hemisphere in July and August 2014. This is one of a sequence of images of C2014 E2 Jacques (each 2 of minutes exposure at ISO1600) that were taken by Peter Branson using a Canon 1100D camera attached to a TS Photoline ED102 refractor telescope with field-flattener and Hutech IDAS light pollution filter attached. The telescope was guided using an Orion Mini autoguider controlled by PHD software. No further processing of the images was undertaken. Peter has also produced a short video sequence made up of 21 of these JPEG images collected together in Windows Live Movie Maker - with each image shown for 1 second. The 2 MB WMV video may be downloaded here.  Image and Video Copyright: Peter Branson.

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