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Caldwell 30 (NGC 7331)

Spiral galaxy in Pegasus
RA 22h 37m 06s  Dec +34° 25' 00"

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This image of Caldwell 30 (NGC 7331), the brightest member of the Deer Lick Group of galaxies, was taken by Mike Lancaster on the 10th October 2023. The image comprises 16 x 4 minute exposures taken using an Altair Hypercam 26C at 300 gain (plus darks, flats and flat darks), through an Orion Optics UK AG12 Astrograph mounted on an EQ8 mount. A 0.95x Wynne Corrector and Astronomik CLS-CCD filter were also employed. This setup was guided using PHD2 and an SXV Lodestar camera attached to an ST-80. Images were acquired using SharpCap, and the processing was entirely performed in PixInsight. Other members of the group are visible, as are some other faint galaxies in the field of view. Mike comments: "I would have liked to take more data, but the good old British weather had other ideas!"  Image Credit: Mike Lancaster.

Adrian Brown took this image of spiral galaxy Caldwell 30 (NGC 7331) in October 2006. Adrian comments: "It's a bit small for my 3-inch refractor but some interesting dust lane detail was captured in the galaxy as well as numerous fainter galaxies, dotted around the image. Also, in the bottom left of the image, the galaxy cluster Stephan's Quintet has been captured". Adrian used an 80ED refractor and an ATK16HR CCD camera. Exposures details are 13 x 5 minutes through an Astronomik CLS filter and an Astronomik Clear filter (which cuts out the infra-red). Raw exposures were stacked in Maxim DL and processed in Photoshop with levels and curves. Also, a high pass filter in Photoshop was used to bring out the detail in the galaxy.  Image Credit: Adrian Brown.