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Caldwell 25 (NGC 2419)
'The Intergalactic Wanderer'

Globular Cluster in Lynx
RA 7h 38m 9s  Dec +38° 52' 55"

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Dave Selfe captured this image of Caldwell 25 (NGC 2419) on the 18th March 2022. It is comprised of 27 x 30 second exposures taken with a Nikon D750 camera at ISO 800 through a Sky Watcher Esprit 100 telescope using an Optolong L-Pro filter.  Image Credit: Dave Selfe.

This image of globular cluster Caldwell 25 was captured by Mike Lancaster on the 26th February 2022. It is comprised of 1 x 8 minute and 7 x 10 minute exposures taken through a 10" Meade ACF SCT using a 0.5x Mallincam Focal reducer, Astronomik CLS CCD filter and Mallincam Universe camera at 20 dB gain and 2x2 binning. This setup was guided using an SXV Lodestar camera through an OVL off-axis guider and PHD2. The images were stacked, cropped and processed in Nebulosity 4.  Image Credit: Mike Lancaster.