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The 2004 Transit of Venus from Egypt

The following sequence of images were taken by Mike Lancaster from the Ocean Club Hotel in Sharm el Sheikh, at the southern tip of the Sinai peninsula in Egypt. He used a Meade ETX-90 with a BCF white light solar filter, and a hand-held Olympus Camedia C-4000 zoom camera using eyepiece projection from a Meade 40 mm super Plossl.

05:24 UTC

05:28 UTC

05:37 UTC

05:37 UTC in close up

05:41 UTC

06:39 UTC

07:07 UTC

08:27 UTC

09:12 UTC

11:00 UTC

11:02 UTC

11:03 UTC

11:03 UTC in close up

11:04 UTC

11:11 UTC

11:19 UTC

11:21 UTC

The ETX-90 used in the observations.

English man abroad. Temperatures soared to 43 degrees Celsius by the end of the transit cooking both telescope and observer. Silly hat and copious amounts of mineral water were essential.

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