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Ursa Major

The Great Bear

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Chris Newsome captured this view of the winter sky including Ursa Major (in the midle of the picture) on the 29th December 2014 from the A515 at Biggin, Derbyshire. Jupiter is also visible on the right hand side of the image. The FOV diagonally across the frame is about 180deg. Taken with a Canon 40D, 8mm full frame fisheye lens, 4x30secs at ISO1600 (plus darks), stacked in DSS, processed in CS6. The slight Akira Fujii effect was created using IRIS software. You may have to scroll to see the whole picture!

Chris Newsome took the following picture of The Plough on the 16th July 2004 from the Society's Flamsteed Observatory.
He used a Minolta digital camera.