Derby and District Astronomical Society

Uranus in 2017

Tony Barker took the following image of Uranus at 22:13 on the 27th October 2017. Tony used an Imaging Source DBK 21AU04.AS planetary camera, through a Celestron 9.25 scope mounted on a Skywatcher AZ-EQ6 mount. A 2.5x TeleView Powermate, Pierre Astro ADC and Astronomik UV/IR block filter were in the optical train and a SkyWatcher flip mirror was used to centre the planet on the camera chip. The image was produced using AutoStakkert2 from 2250 frames over 10 mins at 3.75 fps. Sky conditions were not good. The magnitude 2 star Hamal was used to focus via a Bahtimov mask. This is Tony's first attempt at imaging Uranus.   Image © Tony Barker.

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