Derby and District Astronomical Society

Relay for Life - Moorways Stadium, Derby
Saturday 17th - Sunday 18th June 2006

The DDAS provided solar and stargazing activities at the Cancer Research UK Relay for Life at Moorways Stadium in Derby from Saturday 17th to Sunday 18th June 2006. Many members turned out to help and a great day - and night - was had by all. We were delighted to have been asked to take part in this event and provide out of this world activities for the participants and attendees. During the Saturday afternoon many people were able to glimpse the Sun's disc projected through a refractor provided by Mike Dumelow, as well as directly observe the filtered Sun through the Society's LX-90 telescope. Mike also brought along a large Moon globe signed by Patrick Moore and Alan Chapman and this provided an eye-catching addition to our set up. Jupiter stole the show in the evening as people were enthralled by what for many was their first view of the giant planet through a telescope. Both the LX-90 and an impressive 8" Dobsonian brought by Mike Dumelow provided this Jovian experience. Sadly the clouds rolled in and we were unable to observe anything else overnight! Nevertheless we kept people entertained with a couple of spectacular presentations of astronomical images on the DDAS laptop. One was an enthralling audiovisual tour of our universe by Chris Newsome constructed entirely from images taken by himself, Adrian Brown and other DDAS members. The other was a PowerPoint driven tour of our Solar System using a mixture of DDAS, NASA and other images assembled by Anthony Southwell. Our new club gazebo also saw 'first light' at the Relay, acting as welcome shade from the Sun, a housing for our presentations and as a gallery of astronomical images taken by our members. Pictures by Mike Lancaster and Chris Newsome.

A fully crewed gazebo. Credit: Mike Lancaster

The LX-90 and Mike Dumelow's Moon Globe. Credit: Mike Lancaster

Time for some solar projection and the Moon in gazebostationary orbit. Credit: Mike Lancaster

You can never have too many shoe boxes - Keith enjoys a spotless Sun. Credit: Chris Newsome

What no sunspots? The LX-90 dons a solar filter and Nick keeps an eye on the clouds. Credit: Chris Newsome

Would you like a look at our nearest star? Credit: Chris Newsome

Sky and Telescope. The clouds roll in. Credit: Chris Newsome

Jupiter gets the full DDAS treatment as all scopes point skyward. Is that a queue for the Dobsonian? Credit: Mike Lancaster

Nick adjusts his focus in the LX-90 but where is Mike's refractor pointing? Credit: Mike Lancaster

Jupiter continues to enthrall in the Dobsonian but I think the LX-90 has caught fire... Credit: Mike Lancaster

Hmmm... it seems to be OK now. Credit: Mike Lancaster

Now where have all the stars gone? Credit: Mike Lancaster

Mike Dumelow's refractor looks beyond the Moon. Credit: Mike Lancaster

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