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The Moon - 8 days old

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This photo-mosaic of the Moon by Peter Branson is made up from 5 separate images. The full picture shows the half-Moon on February 27th 2015 from north to south along the terminator. Each separate image was captured from an approximately 20 second video at 15 frames/second, giving about 300 frames. The best 200 or so frames in each video were stacked in RegiStax6 and sharpened using the 'wavelets' function in this software. Each image, in turn, was then brought into GimpShop and seamlessly overlapped and merged to produce the end result. The videos were captured using an Imaging Source DFK41AU02AS CCD camera attached to TS Photoline ED102 refractor telescope with TS ED x2.5 Barlow lens giving a magnification of about 250x. The setup was mounted on an HEQ5 equatorial mount set to lunar tracking. Clearly seen in the photo from North (at the top) to South are - Vallis Alpes, the Montes Caucasus, crater Archimedes, Mare Serenitatis, the Montes Appeninus, crater Eratosthenes, and the three craters in a vertical line Ptolemaeus (largest), Alphonsus and Arzachel (smallest).  Image Copyright: Peter Branson.

The following two images of the Moon were taken by Chris Newsome on the 26th September 2009 through the Society's 10" Newtonian reflector at the Flamsteed Observatory. Chris used an LPI camera and the top and lower images are comprised of 16 and 72 frames respectively.  Image Copyright: Chris Newsome.

Dave Maynard took this picture of the the Moon through the Society's Meade LX-90 telescope using a hand-held Nikon Coolpix digital camera and eyepiece projection (scroll down and right to see whole image). The picture was taken on Friday 3rd April 2009 while the LX-90 was set up in the back garden of The Friend's Meeting House in Derby during our main meeting and Spring Moonwatch. Click here for more pictures of the meeting.  Image Copyright: Dave Maynard.

Here is a photo of the Moon captured through the Society's 8" Meade LX-90 telescope by Chris Newsome during an observing session in Allestree Park, Derby on Saturday, 16th April 2005. Despite poor seeing conditions and scudding clouds the LX-90 in combination with a Meade LPI camera is still able to produce an image of this quality. Chris stacked 60 frames in Registax v3 and adjusted in Photoshop.   Image Copyright: Chris Newsome.

The following two images of the Moon were taken by Chris Newsome on the 19th December 2004 through his ETX-105 using a Meade LPI camera. Further information is provided on the pictures.  Image Copyright: Chris Newsome.

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