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The Moon - 3 days old

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This time lapse image by Chris Newsome shows the moon setting from his back garden on the 29th March 2009. It is a stack of 87 one second frames taken on a Canon 400D camera at 200 ASA with a 35mm lens. Chris also made a video of this moonset which can be downloaded here (1.3 MB WMV file).

Barry Ashforth assembled the following mosaic of the Moon from seven images collected on the 10th February 2008. You will have to scroll to see the whole mosaic.

The crescent moon with Venus above it were captured by Chris Newsome at 16:55 UT on the 4th December 2005. Chris use a Canon EOS300D, with a 200mm lens at f/5.6, and manual focus. Exposure was 1/100th second at 3200ASA. Chris had a window of about 5 minutes when he could see both the Moon and Venus between houses!

Chris Newsome took the following close up of the 3.36 day old Moon on the 9th July 2005 from Basingstoke.

Chris Newsome took the following shot of the 3.5 day old Moon.