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The Moon - 13 days old

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Simon Behnke took the following two images of the moon on the 21st February 2016. He used a Nikon P900 camera with the equivalent of a 200mm lens at 1/500s and F6.5 The top picture is at ISO 140 and the lower at ISO 125.  Image Copyright: Simon Behnke.

This image of the Moon was taken by Brian Dodson using a hand held Canon 300D camera and a 70-300 mm telephoto lens at 1/15 second and f/32. Brian also owns up to 'fiddling a little on registax and gimp' with this image.  Image Copyright: Brian Dodson.

The following image shows our natural satellite 1 day before Harvest Moon. It was taken by Chris Newsome on the 16th September 2005. A total of around 1500 images were taken of different areas of the moon and the individual images were stacked in Registax v3. Once each 'final' image of an area of the moon had been produced, the whole set were mosaicked together in Photoshop v7. The images were further processed so that each segment matched as closely as possible the one next to it, using un-sharp masks and curves. All of the images were taken in greyscale. Chris used a Celestron C6-N and a Meade LPI to take the images.  Image Copyright: Chris Newsome.

The following two images of the Moon were taken by Chris Newsome on the 23rd January 2005 through his Celestron C6-N using a Meade LPI camera. Further information is provided on the pictures.  Image Copyright: Chris Newsome.

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