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The Total Lunar Eclipse of 21st December 2010

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Keith Plamping took this photograph of the total lunar eclipse from his back bedroom on the morning of the 21st December 2010, using his compact Panasonic DMC-TZ6 camera. He commented: "The strangest thing when it went into full eclipse the moon just disappeared! Probably a combination of the light conditions and light cloud".  Image Copyright: Keith Plamping.

Graham Ensor took the following sequence of pictures of the total lunar eclipse of the 21st December 2010 from Swannington in Leicestershire. He used a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ38 camera.  Image Copyright: Graham Ensor.

The following sequence of images showing the lunar eclipse of the 21st December 2010 were taken by Chris Newsome. He writes: "Well, it was f...f....f......freezing this morning when I went to Locko Road, between Spondon and Locko Park to try and image the total eclipse of the moon. There was a lot of high cloud obscuring the moon and as the moon got nearer the horizon (and nearer to totality), the sky got brighter as the sun was starting to rise. But I managed to get a few pictures of the eclipse through the breaks in the cloud, my favourite being the last one I got near to totality with just a small portion of the moon in sunlight, and the whole disc just peering through the cloud." In fact the last image made Picture of the Week at the start of 2011 on the British Astronomical Association website. Technical details: Canon 40D camera, 200mm lens, 100ASA, various exposures to accommodate HDR processing in CS2. Recorded in monochrome RAW and then converted on the computer to AdobeRGB colour TIFF and then JPG.   Image Copyright: Chris Newsome.

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