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IC 443

Supernova Remnant in Gemini
RA 06h 17m 13s  Dec +22° 31m 05s

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This image of the Jellyfish Nebula was taken on March 5th 2016 by Peter Branson and is made up from twelve 5 minute images. The nebula is about 5000 light years away and is the remnant of a supernova explosion. The photos were taken with an ATIK 314L+ colour CCD camera attached to a TS Photoline ED102 refractor telescope with field-flattener and Hutech IDAS light pollution filter attached. The telescope was guided using an Orion Mini auto-guider controlled by PHD software. The telescope arrangement was mounted on an HEQ5 mount. The images were taken as FITS files, converted, stacked and further processed with 'curves' and 'levels' in Nebulosity.  Image Copyright: Peter Branson.

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